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asked questions

  • How does it work?

    This is basically how it works 1. You will have to set up your trading account under our company platform 2. You will fund your trading account with your investment capital 3. Once the whole process is done and account is set for trading you’ve got full access to your trading account and you can see everything yourself as we trade. 4. Then after 5-7days, you'll be notified on making your withdrawal

  • When can I withdraw my profits?

    You can withdraw your profit from all of your investment plans in 5-7 days of trading days in a week.. Once trading is completed, you'll be notified on making your withdrawal.. Always ensure to be in contact with your account manager. Also, our support is always available if assistance or enquiries is needed

  • How to make deposits?

    Read the terms of the proposed investment strategy and make a deposit section in your account. Send the indicated amount from any BITCOIN wallet generated for your account. The deposit will be credited as soon as the funds are confirmed.

  • What are the payments system...

    We accept deposit to our company platform via bitcoin while we offer wide varieties of withdrawals for clients,, depending on whatever method you find convenient to you.. You can choose to make withdrawal via cash into any bank account of your choice or through bitcoin into any of your preferred bitcoin wallet

  • What is the minimum and maximum amount I can deposit??

    The minimum deposit is only 300 USD, the maximum deposit is not limited.

  • What are the risk and guarantees.

    There are risks in Trading all assets, that is exactly why there is cryptowingstrading platform, all trade risk are borne by us, if there is any loss that stalls the trading,the Investor will be Refunded his Capital.